Thursday, October 4, 2018

Changes for 2019 ACTE Fair

Wow! So much has changed with ACTE, so here's a bullet list of the changes you will see for 2019:
  • ACTE has changed it's name. While the initials are the same, the new name is Alabama Consortium for Technology in Education. 
  • ACTE regions have changed. Our region is now Region 3, which will serve Cherokee, DeKalb, and Jackson Counties. Blount and Marshall Counties are now served by Region 2, which will be hosted at Snead State Community College. To learn more, visit the state website
  • Our regional fair will be held February 22, 2019, which is earlier than usual. We are now required to hold our fair by the end of February. 
  • The state fair will be held April 12-13, 2019. 
If you are in Cherokee, DeKalb, or Jackson Counties, and have any questions please reach out to us for answers. If you are in one of the counties previously served by this region, please contact the new regional director for your region.

Registration for the ACTE Northeast Regional Fair will take place starting in December. Watch this website for details. 

Most of all, get ready for an exciting year of competition!

Monday, March 12, 2018

2018 Winners List Posted

The list of students placing first, second, and third places in the 2018 ACTE Northeast Fair has been posted to the NACC website. Click here to download a PDF copy.

Friday, May 5, 2017

2018 ACTE Fair Date Set

The 2018 ACTE Northeast Fair will be held Friday, February 23, 2018 at the Northeast Alabama Agribusiness Center in Rainsville. Deadline to register for the state fair has been moved up to March 30. 

Watch for registration for the regional fair to open in late 2017. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2017 Medal Earners

The list of 2017 ACTE Northeast Fair medal earners is shown below. Congratulations to all who participated and good luck to first and second place winners who will advance to the state competition

ACTE Northeast Region Fair Winners List
IT Test
Level 1
1st           Grant Vice – John Jones Elementary
2nd          Olivia Walker – Albertville Elementary
3rd           Tyler Thomas -  Cherokee Elementary

Level 2
1st           Cale Dollar – Guntersville Middle School
2nd          Ryan Traylor – Fort Payne Middle School
3rd           Corey Lombardo – North Sand Mountain School

Level 3
1st           Chassidy Daniel – Fort Payne Middle School
2nd          Aidan Smith – Fort Payne Middle School
3rd           Cole Blalock – Fort Payne Middle School

Level 4
1st           Jacob Raulerson – Guntersville High School
2nd          John Russell Horsley – Guntersville High School
3rd           Austin Oliver – Albertville High School

Level 5
1st           Jessica Turner – Geraldine High School
2nd          Fisher Rizk – Arab High School
3rd           Angel Godinez – Albertville High School

Level 1
1st           157        Arab Elementary – Lily Livingston
2nd          154        Arab Elementary – Mallory Maze
3rd           150        Cherokee Elementary – Caroline Smith

Level 2
1st           159        Arab Elementary – Coy Mier
2nd          145        Guntersville Middle School – Will Edwards
3rd           117        Fort Payne Middle School – Blake Woods

Level 3
1st           142        Guntersville Middle School – Miller Arnold
2nd          110        Arab Middle School – Ethan Thomas

Level 4
No entries

Level 5
No entries
Level 1
1st           156        Arab Elementary – Lawson King, Kaitlynn Robertson, Drew Puccio, Luke Latham
2nd          151        Eura Brown Elementary – Anish Boyella, Mithun Rameshkumar
3rd           132        Southside Elementary – John Wyatt Jones, Allie Rogers

Level 2
1st           134        Southside Elementary – Jasie Brooks, SaraKate Yancey, Greenlee McBurnett
2nd          125        Mitchell Elementary – Carter Womack, Anna Klaire Ashley
3rd           160        Arab Elementary School – Ross Quarles, Kaden Lackey

Level 3
1st           141        Guntersville Middle School – Chandler Hampton, Johnson Sellnow, Collin Gentle
2nd          114        Fort Payne Middle School – Austin Evans, Laurel Shugart, Clark McClung, Ashlynn Melvin
3rd           120        North Sand Mountain School – Paris Cornelison, Shauren Phillips, Brett Buttram, Jerry Crowley

Level 4
No entries

Level 5
1st           140        Guntersville High School – Trent Moore, Jackson Sorter, Alex Bernachi, Ace Wheatley
2nd          124        Pisgah High School – DeKota Pierce, Daniel Metcalf, Samantha Moore, Johnathan

Video Production

Level 1
1st           338        Albertville Elementary – Grayce Walker
2nd          302        Williams Avenue Elementary – Wesley Edwards
3rd           339        Albertville Elementary – Alyssa Dendy

Level 2
1st           352        John Jones Elementary – Jackson Page
2nd          332        Fort Payne Middle School – Kyleigh Thomas
3rd           376        Arab Elementary School – Josie Duquette

Level 3
1st           326        Fort Payne Middle School – Emma Goggans
2nd          325        Fort Payne Middle School – Chassidy Daniel
3rd           324        Fort Payne Middle School – Halle Hilyer

Level 4
1st           356        Arab High School – Gracie Davidson
1st           311        Fort Payne High School – Tristan Dersham
2nd          310        Fort Payne High School – Kailey New

Level 5
1st           316        Fort Payne High School – Elias Gaspar
2nd          317        Fort Payne High School – Jackson Gilbert
3rd           336        Albertville High School – Abigail Hernandez
3rd           371        Geraldine High School – Jessica Turner


Level 1
1st           349        Mitchell Elementary – Ally Brett Morgan, Kaitlyn Calloway
2nd          303        Williams Avenue Elementary – Rowan Shugart, Zachary Strogov
3rd           341        Albertville Elementary – Sarah O’Dell, Rayna Allen-Parker

Level 2
1st           327        Fort Payne Middle School – Jake Barnes, Ryder Griggs
2nd          344        Evans Elementary – Charlotte Kleinkluas, Taylor Smith
3rd           348        Mitchell Elementary – Bailey Edwards, Anya Dagumen

Level 3
1st           306        Arab Junior High School – Josie Puccio, Harper Henderson, Caroline Zelan
2nd          322        Fort Payne Middle School – Lennon Ibsen, Ella McCallie
3rd           369        Guntersville Middle School – Adrianna Mims, Diamond Jamison

Level 4
1st           314        Fort Payne High School – Kimberly Francisco, Marisela Matias-Andres, Anahi Aguilar
2nd          307        Appalachian High School – Destiny Bates, Dylan Littrell, Emma Reid
3rd           312        Fort Payne High School – Heather Edmonson, Micaela Ramos, Erynn Gallinetti

Level 5
1st           355        Arab High School – Adam Wright, Andrew Hill
2nd          318        Fort Payne High School – Morgan White, Rebecca Mason
3rd           334        Albertville High School – Karson Nesbit, Blake Smedley

Website Creation

Level 1
1st           268        Southside Elementary – Emma Williard
2nd          280        Arab Elementary – Elizabeth Skidmore
3rd           250        John Jones Elementary – Macy Fortenberry

Level 2
1st           281        Arab Elementary – Maggie Landry
2nd          200        Cherokee Elementary – Noah Morgan
3rd           245        Evans Elementary – Andrew Reyes

Level 3
1st           225        Fort Payne Middle School – Chassidy Daniel
2nd          226        Fort Payne Middle School – Emma Goggans
3rd           236        Albertville Middle School – Ana Manduajano

Level 4
1st           271        Gadsden City High School – Rian White
2nd          206        Fort Payne High School – John Mark McGullion
3rd           231        Albertville High School – Makayla Shelton

Level 5
1st           204        Appalachian High School – Alex Littrell
2nd          233        Albertville High School – Abigail Hernandez
3rd           211        Fort Payne High School – Shelby Baker


Level 1
1st           278        Arab Elementary – Jackson Knighten, Jackson Houston
2nd          252        John Jones Elementary – Corbin Driskill, Hayes Cosby, Sam McGriff
3rd           279        Arab Elementary – Emma Grace Babb, Ava Kinney, Abbey Lynch

Level 2
1st           255        John Jones Elementary – Jovi Marble, Ella Bearden
2nd          215        Fort Payne Middle School – Tyler Anthony, Josh Everett, Logan Hairell, Judson Guice
3rd           247        Evans Elementary – Noah Shedd, Nic Moon

Level 3
1st           223        Fort Payne Middle School – Chassidy Daniel, Halle Hilyer
2nd          227        North Sand Mountain School – Emily Middlebrooks, Paris Cornelison, Christian Bingham
3rd           221        Fort Payne Middle School – Anthony Chhim, Ava Ruiz, Brina Harris

Level 4
1st           207        Fort Payne High School – Sara Langston, Kaitlyn Smith
2nd          229        Albertville High School – Anna Parr, Gracie Faulkner
3rd           234        Albertville High School – Makayla Shelton, Mikayla Jolley, Guadalupe Aguilera

Level 5
1st           259        Arab High School – Mikaela McGee, Anna Walley, Scarlett Bautista
2nd          213        Fort Payne High School – Raven White, Haylee Veal
3rd           212         Fort Payne High School – Bryan Chavez, Ricky Phillips

Multimedia Applications

Level 1
1st           609        Arab Elementary – Mackenzie Smith
2nd          611        Arab Elementary – Saffron Handley
2nd          555        Mitchell Elementary – Chloe Hayes
3rd           606        Cherokee Elementary – Chloe Stuart

Level 2
1st           544        Albertville Middle School – Aaliyah Yother
2nd          526        Fort Payne Middle School – Anthony Chhim
3rd           528        Fort Payne Middle School – Harper Moses

Level 3
1st           532        Fort Payne Middle School – Kolby Dupree
2nd          569        West End Elementary – Blayke Dodd
3rd           551        Evans Elementary – Gavin Malone

Level 4
1st           510        Appalachian High School – Emma Reid
2nd          540        Albertville High School – Deqlyn Lane
3rd           509        Appalachian High School – Destiny Bates
3rd           539        Albertville High School – Morgan Lanphier

Level 5
1st           508        Appalachian High School – Madi Steele
1st           519        Fort Payne High School – Jordan Willoughby
2nd          541        Albertville High School – Juana Mendez
3rd           518        Fort Payne High School – Naomi Bernardino


Level 1
1st           566        West End Elementary – Ella Burton, Andralea Summerford
2nd          548        Albertville Elementary – Elijah Johnson, Hannah Burson
3rd           549        Albertville Elementary – Aiden King, Olivia Walker

Level 2
1st           530        Fort Payne Middle School – Lizzi-Kate Wilson, Emma Campbell Crawford
2nd          608        Arab Elementary – Libby Chance, Sara Beth Sularin
3rd           501        Cherokee Elementary – Emmerson Carr, Ali Jewel Thornton, Ashley Zeisset

Level 3
1st           590        Guntersville Middle School – Jennifer Jordan, Jac Conway, Ben Buckelew
2nd          525        Fort Payne Middle School – Emma Goggans, Ella Fowler
3rd           523        Fort Payne Middle School – Chassidy Daniel, Ava Ruiz, Halle Hilyer

Level 4
1st           515        Fort Payne High School – Jessica Diaz, Hannah Hilyer
2nd          516        Fort Payne High School – Camden Helms, Aryan Wallace
3rd           575        Arab High School – Ian Martin, Will Franklin

Level 5
1st           587        Guntersville High School – Jacob Raulerson, Colby Sims, Ruben Ortiz, John Russell
2nd          520        Fort Payne High School – Erica Johnson, Rachael Walker
3rd           595        Geraldine High School – Zach Wright, Brianna Freeman

Computer Programming

Level 1 
1st           446        Arab Elementary – Ally Cavender
2nd          449        Arab Elementary – Tanner Galanty
3rd           405        Cherokee Elementary – Derek Wood

Level 2
1st           434         Mitchell Elementary – Kacey Calhoun
2nd          415        Fort Payne Middle School – Talula Belle Scott
3rd           447        Arab Elementary – David Crabtree

Level 3
1st           440        Guntersville Middle School – Raj Patel
2nd          407        Arab Junior High School – Abby Urquhart
3rd           441        Guntersville Middle School – Wynn Miholits

Level 4
1st           436 Arab High School – Jack Yarbrough
2nd          439 Guntersville High School – Jonathan Vega

Level 5
1st           438        Guntersville High School – Abigail Glenn
2nd          410        Fort Payne High School – Abigail Gonzalez
3rd           409        Fort Payne High School – Caleb Key

Level 1
1st           430        Albertville Elementary – John McCullars, Ethan Hamilton, Axl Hastings, Jacob Pierce
2nd          444        Eura Brown Elementary – Tristian Rowe, Charles Oaks, Connon Holderfields
3rd           406        Cherokee Elementary – Emily Morris, Luke Johnson, Tyler Thomas

Level 2
1st           413        Fort Payne Middle School – Laurel Shugart, Lily Jackson
2nd          401        Cherokee Elementary – Cade Altom, Carson Floyd, Aiden Roberts
3rd           412        Fort Payne Middle School – Jocelyn Armstrong, Saddie Burrage

Level 3
1st           419        Fort Payne Middle School – Cole Blalock, Ashlynn Melvin, Austin Evans, Clark McClung
2nd          425        Albertville Middle School – Sage McCann, Sophie-Elle Garrett
3rd           408        Arab Junior High School – Kaden Ditto, John Wesson Johnson

Level 4
No entries
Level 5
1st           437        Arab High School – Fisher Rizk, Jon Danford
2nd          433        Pisgah High School – DeKota Pierce, Johnathan Wilbanks, Daniel Metcalf, Samantha Moore

General Applications

Level 1
1st           705        Williams Avenue Elementary – Parker Wilson
1st           779        Cherokee Elementary – Addison Upton
2nd          752        Mitchell Elementary – Kai Franklin
3rd           778        Cherokee Elementary – Ethan Case

Level 2
1st           728        Fort Payne Middle School – Molly Farmer
1st           760        West End Elementary – Evelyn Thomason
2nd          761        West End Elementary – Avari Patterson
3rd           753        John Jones Elementary – Madison Shaw

Level 3
1st           739        Albertville Middle School – Samantha Gomez
2nd          740        Albertville Middle School – Maria Juarez
3rd           737        Fort Payne Middle School – Madison Landry

Level 4
1st           709        Appalachian High School – Dylan Littrell
2nd          716        Fort Payne High School – Jessica Tomas
3rd           710         Appalachian High School – Destiny Bates

Level 5
1st           781        Gadsden City High School – T.J. Brown
2nd          721        Fort Payne High School – Brittany Pitts
3rd           720        Fort Payne High School – Ansley Grider


Level 1
1st           746         Albertville Elementary – Molly Morrison, Hannah Mastin
2nd          758         West End Elementary – Tyler Graham, Brayden Collins
3rd           706         Williams Avenue Elementary – Baylee Green, Cooper Garrett
3rd           774        Southside Elementary – David Logan, Emma McElroy, Skyler Boren

Level 2
1st           765         West End Elementary – Lexie Wood, Brookelynn Frachiseur
1st           756         John Jones Elementary – Kimberly Carter, Ashlyn Bailey, Madison Shaw
2nd          763         West End Elementary – Tristan Chaney, Skylar Yancey
2nd          750         Evans Elementary – Ava Owens, Kiley Osburn
3rd           729         Fort Payne Middle School – Ana Ruiz, Lydia Diego Andres, Natalie Hotalen

Level 3
1st           733         Fort Payne Middle School – Brax Goza, Aidan Smith, Quinn McGee
2nd          734         Fort Payne Middle School – Ashlynn Melvin, Cole Blalock
3rd           732         Fort Payne Middle School – Halle Hilyer, Chassidy Daniel, Ava Ruiz

Level 4
1st           717         Fort Payne High School – Antonio Jose, Robert Dominguez
2nd          712         Appalachian High School – Emma Reid, Destiny Bates, Dylan Littrell
3rd           718         Fort Payne High School – Bowen Brown, Solomon Strong

Level 5
1st           724         Fort Payne High School – Vanessa Gallegos, Abigail Gonzalez
2nd          713         Boaz High School – Angelica Contreas, Daniel Galindo, Felicia Goss, Braeden McDonald
3rd           725         Fort Payne High School – Erica Johnson, Rachael Walker